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Surfing Tips for Beginners

Surfing is a fun and healthy way to stay active while enjoying your Hawaii vacation. If you're just learning, here are some tips for beginner surfers to help you get enjoy your surfing experience.

1. Don't learn to surf all by yourself. - When you're still learning to surf, it's best to go with an experienced friend to teach you or sign up for a surfing lesson.

2. Find a spot with fewer people around - Popular surf spots are frequented by a lot of more experienced surfers. If you're just starting out, find somewhere that isn't too crowded but is beginner friendly for surfers so you can learn without running into too many surfers.

3. Try a soft-top surfboard - Soft-top surfboards is a great entry-level board. When you’re just learning, your board is inevitably going to hit you but with a soft top will be gentler to your feet and bottom.

4. Always use a surf leash -
This is not just a tip but a very important safety requirement when surfing. A surf leash can potentially save your life, so make sure you always use it, even when it may feel like it's getting in the way when you're just starting out.

5. Warm up - Make sure you warm up your body before you enter the water. Stretching out your muscles and tendons will decrease the chances of muscle cramps and it will also increase your heart rate. Giving your blood more oxygen to help you get into action.

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