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  • 5/2/2022 - Common Surfing Mistakes
    If you're a new surfer or even experienced one, there may be some things that you're not doing correctly. Below are some common surfing mistakes people make and learn how to correct them.
  • 5/2/2022 - Waikiki Beach Activities Newsletter May 2022
    Latest Waikiki Beach news, events, offers, tips from Waikiki Beach Activities the ambassadors of ALOHA.
  • 5/9/2022 - The Importance Of Having Quality Snorkel Equipment
    Snorkeling is a fun activity to enjoy while on your Hawaii vacation. Anyone in good physical condition who can swim can learn to snorkel. Since you will be out on open water, it is important to pay attention to important snorkeling safety tips and reminders. Another important safety tip to remember is to have quality snorkel equipment and learning the proper way to use them.
  • 5/16/2022 - Snorkeling Etiquette
    Remembering these simple snorkeling etiquette will help make your snorkeling experience and enjoyable one for both yourself and others around you.
  • 5/23/2022 - Sun Protection Tips
    A Hawaii vacation is never complete without a day in the beach or some fun in the sun. But as you explore all that Hawaii has to offer, be sure to take note of these sun protection tips.
  • 5/30/2022 - Surf Etiquette And Safety Guide For Beginners
    Learning to surf in Hawaii can be one of the most memorable and life-changing experiences you can have. But before you begin, it is helpful understand the importance of staying safe in the water and learning a few surf etiquettes before you head out.

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