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Surf Etiquette and Safety Guide for Beginners

Learning to surf in Hawaii can be one of the most memorable and life-changing experiences you can have. But before you begin, it is helpful understand the importance of staying safe in the water and learning a few surf etiquettes before you head out.

Sign up for a Surf Lesson. All beginning surfers are recommended to sign up for a surf lesson. This ensures that you are taught some surfing basics along with safety reminders by your instructor. Sign up for our Surf Lessons with a qualified instructor. Our professional instructors will get you up and riding on your very first lesson!

Practice paddling, sitting on your board and basic control of your board Before you head out, be sure to practice paddling, sitting and having control of your board. When paddling out, keep a good distance from the next surfer in front of you. You'll never know when a big wave will come and wash the surfer towards you.

Don't drop in on others. Be sure to respect other surfers, and don’t drop in on others. Sometimes other people or their boards may inadvertently come into contact with you.  Always make sure the other surfer is okay and apologize if you were wrong. A smile and friendly attitude goes a long way!

Never take the first wave or set.  After you paddle out, take a break and save up some energy.  Check the conditions and orient yourself to the surf spot.

Always look around you and stay aware of others.  When catching the wave, look over both shoulders to make sure nobody is already “claiming” that wave. Don’t “drop in” on other surfers.

When someone is riding a wave, get out of their way! Do not paddle across their line to get to the shoulder of the wave, you might cause a collision. 

Don’t surf just any break you wish to paddle out to.  Ask your surf instructor which breaks are best for beginners. 
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