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Beach Umbrellas & Lounges Equipment Rental

Relax! We have all the beach accessories to put you in the shade, and in comfort. When you've decided it's time to move from one of our spectacular pools to the legendary Duke Kahanamoku Beach, we'll set you up. Just stop by the Waikiki Beach Activities stand, located near the Hau Tree Bar and the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. Check out our rental rates below to see how reasonable these tools of comfort can be.

Please note First come first serve, no reserving on ANY beach comforts and toys.

Make the most of your beach and lagoon experience with a little extra comfort and a wide choice of water toys.

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  • Waikiki Beach Equipment Rental
  • Air Mats & Tubes
    Various high quality tube air mattress and tubes. Great beach fun
  • Aqua Cycles
    Sit high above the water and pedal your own water trike around the beach. Aqua Cycles are high quality 3-wheel water bicycles for 1 or 2 people.
  • Beach Chaise Lounge
    Various high quality beach chaise lounge chairs for rental in Waikiki
  • Beach Umbrellas
    Top quality beach umbrellas for rent in Waikiki
  • Boogie Boards
    Best boogie board rentals in Waikiki
  • Kayaks
    Kayaking in Waikiki is great activity and we have all the supplies, support and staff to make the experience GREAT!
  • Beach Chairs
    Various high quality beach chairs for rental in Waikiki

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IMPORTANT: First come first serve, no reserving on ANY beach comforts and toys.


Beach Towels: Complimentary to Guests with Hilton Towel Card

Chaise Lounge: $24.80

Umbrella: $39.80

Two Chaise Lounges & One Umbrella: $89.40

Tubes (small): $12.80 Daily

Rafts: $19.80 Daily

Stand Up Paddle Board: $54.80 1 Hour


Kayak: $58.80 1 Hour

Aqua Bike: $68.80 1 Hour

Hawaii State GE Tax will be added to all prices listed above.

All prices are subject to change.

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