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Duke Pa'oa Kahanamoku Lagoon Blessing - October 16, 2007

A private blessing and official opening ceremony were held on Tuesday, October 16, 2007. More...

Aloha Pledge, Waikiki Duke's Lagoon

The ceremony is based on the Hawaiian Ho'omana ceremony where the a person, group of people or a company delivers a certain mana (aloha, love, respect, comittment, pledge) into a vessel (paddle) that is given to another person, group of people who rece the mana through acceptance and holding of the paddle. More...

Activities Photo Gallery (Archive)

View photos of our activities. More...

Duke Kahanamoku Beach Photo Gallery (Archive)

View photos of Duke Kahanamoku Beach More...

Lagoon, Beach, Pool, Beach Stand Photo Gallery (Archive)

View photo of our lagoon, beach, pool and beach stands. More...

Miss Universe
Miss Universe contestants gather in front of the WBA beach stand.

Miss Universe
Miss Universe Contestants from around the world take a break in the super pool.

WBA's two catamarans race each other into Port Hilton. The "Maui Waui" is in front and the "Elua" is right behind.

Beach Party
WBA provides a backyard beach party for a group of 100 guests that are 30ish to 50ish. Including beach lounging, volleyball and croquet.

Large Beach Stand
Wheel of Fortune studio built on beach in front of WBA beach stand, removed shortly after filming.

WBA Staff
WBA staff and Beach Umbrell and Beach Chairs. T.R. delivers a beach lounge to a guest. The water is 80 degrees and the outside air is 82 degrees, sky is deep blue and clear. A perfect day to "hang loose."

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