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Common Surfing Mistakes

If you're a new surfer or even experienced one, there may be some things that you're not doing correctly. Below are some common surfing mistakes people make and learn how to correct them.

Not training on dry land - It's important to practice your pop-ups before heading out into the water. This helps train your muscle memory so you know what to do once in the water. Also, it's important to practice your stance and balance on land. Keep a low center of gravity by ending you reeks and keeping a low stance.

Standing In the wrong spot on your board - Even if you have the proper stance, if your feet are in the wrong spot on the surfboard, you may still wipe out. When it's time to pop-up, put your feel in the center of the board and keep them parallel to each other.

Having the wrong surfboard - This is one of the most common mistakes of beginners. It's important to choose a board that's the right size for you. Also make sure to choose a board that's appropriate for your level of skill. Longer ones are easier and safer for beginners. Choose a board that's right for your weight, size and skill.

Being oblivious to your surroundings - Be sure to stay alert of what's happening around you when you're in the water. Check the currents and tides so that you don't get wiped out and remain safe at all times.

Not watching where you're going - As a beginner, you may be focused too much on your board or making sure you are standing up correctly. Be sure to also look out in front of you and focus on the direction of where you're going.

Forgetting to Warm Up - Surfing is a sport and it's important to get your body ready for this activity. Warming up help get your blood flowing and prepares you before getting into the water.

All beginning surfers are recommended to sign up for a surf lesson. This ensures that you are taught some surfing basics along with safety reminders by your instructor. Sign up for our
Surf Lessons with a qualified instructor. Our professional instructors will get you up and riding on your very first lesson!

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