• Snorkeling Etiquette

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Snorkeling Etiquette

Remembering these simple snorkeling etiquette will help make your snorkeling experience and enjoyable one for both yourself and others around you.

Do No Touch Coral - While they look like rocks, corals are beautiful and fragile living creatures.
Removing or touching a coral with your fins or hands can cause damage to their protective mucous layer which negatively affect the health of the coral. When in shallow waters, over a reef, try laying on your back or treading water when you need to take a break.

Don't Harass Sea Life - While enjoying the beautiful sea life below you, remember that you are a visitor to these creature's homes. So don't get too close to them and make sure to give them lots of space.

Don't Touch Anything - Similar to rule # 1, another thing to remember is to avoid touching anything as it may be poisonous or dangerous to touch. Picking up cone shells may be deadly as they have stingers that can extend for several inches. Keep an eye out for jellyfish or Portuguese Man-O-War as their stings can be very painful as well.

Don't Feed the Fish - Feeding fish may cause harm to the natural ecosystem in the area. So while you find fish food being sold at snorkel rental shops, it's best not to considering feeding the sea life.

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