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Aloha Alexander Rodriguez:

As you know, "In Hawaii, we greet friends, loved ones or strangers with Aloha.." These are the first words in Duke Kahanamoku's "Creed of Aloha," Hawaii's most famous Ambassador of Aloha. Every day as we all walk in Duke's footsteps we strive to follow his Creed of Aloha with WBA's "Extreme Aloha Service."

On June 6, 2018, a Hotel Guest gave the Hilton Manager on Duty the following compliment about the excellent service you provided to them, Here is what the Guest said:"The men from the towel stand at the Lagoon pulled a little girl from the water, her skin was blue, Alexander and Zech were amazing, they jumped right in right away and helped the girl throw up sea water, provided CPR and handled the situation very well and were also super friendly."

Mahalo for your Extreme Aloha Service. Keep it up, Duke would be proud of you.

WBA is proud to recognize you as an Ambassador of Aloha Award winner for the 2nd Quarter of 2018 contest that ended today. WBA has added the amount of $150.00 to your next paycheck. It is the AOA Extreme Aloha Service Award. The third Quarter starts on July 1st and ends on September 30th, 2018. I hope to see you in the lineup again for the AOA Extreme Aloha Service Award, Third Quarter.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Bob Hampton

Chairman of the Board

ref no:32229

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