• How To Avoid A Sunburn During Your Hawaii Trip

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How to Avoid a Sunburn During your Hawaii Trip

A Hawaii vacation is never complete without a day in the beach or some fun in the sun. But as you explore all that Hawaii has to offer, be sure to take note of these tips to avoid getting sunburned.

10am to 2pm is when the sun is strongest. If possible try to avoid outdoor activities between the midday hours when the sun’s rays are the most direct. Grab some lunch or enjoy a spa treatment during those hours. If you are out and about, be sure to apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Choose a hat that has a 3 to 4 inch brim. Baseball caps only provide partial protection and won't protect your neck and ears.

SPF 30 to 50 or higher sunscreen. It’s better to use a higher SPF in the beginning than to use a lower SPF and risk a sunburn. If you have fair skin, try something much higher than a 50 SPF and check how your skin reacts on the higher SPF.

Apply sunscreen to your feet if you are wearing slippers or sandals.  Be sure to re-apply sunscreen since perspiration can wear the sunscreen away.

Protect your lips. The sun and wind can also be harmful to your lips, use a lip balm with SPF of 30 or higher.

Be extra cautious when snorkeling. When snorkeling, be sure to stay covered up while you are traveling to and from the snorkeling site. Being in the water may amplify the sun's rays on you. Don't forget to re-apply sunscreen after you’ve been in the water. Look for rash guard tops with designated SPF for added sun protection.

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