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Basic Safety Tips for Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun and safe water activity that's worth trying out while in Hawaii. To help you enjoy the experience fully, here are some tips to stay safe in the water.

Don't Drink and Paddle - Drinking impairs your focus and you don't want to get into an accident while out on the water.

Dress Appropriately- If you're paddling in cold water, a wet suit or dry suit can keep you warm and comfortable. If the weather is warmer, a long sleeve shirt can provide sun protection.

Seek Qualified Instruction - Learn proper paddling techniques, water safety and basic first aid before heading out to paddle.

Stay Hydrated - Bring plenty of water and food to keep you hydrated.

Always Wear a Life Jacket - Wearing your lifejacket will help keep your head above water and add insulation to your body, keeping you warmer in cold water.

Choose an Appropriate Paddling Location- The ideal kayaking environment has protection from wind and waves, a good access point for launching and landing, lots of places to go ashore and minimal motorized boat traffic. Waikiki Beach Activities offers a variety of Family Water Craft Rentals, including Kayaks and Paddle Boats which you can enjoy in the calm waters of Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon or take your adventure off shore for a beautiful view of Duke Kahanamoku Beach.
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