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    Beach Tug of War

    Beach Tug Of War is a classic outdoor outdoor activity enjoyed by families, friends and co-workers alike. It's a great team building activity and fun way to spend some time in the sun.

    Tug of War pits two teams against each other in a test of strength. Teams pull on opposite ends of a rope with the objective of bringing the rope a certain distance in one direction, against the other team's pull.

    Hawaiian Note:
    The beach tug-of-war in Hawaiian is called the
    "Huki kala” That is what we call it when we do Huki kala’s at the Duke’s Challenge.
    Watch Video Below

    If you're playing tug of war at a beach, dig a hole near the shoreline. It's okay if it has some water in the bottom. Younger children may need an adult "anchor." Line each team up, with the children standing one behind the other, on either side of the hole in the sand.

    If you're interested in including beach tug of war as a group activity in your next team building event, contact us today!

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