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Boogie Boards and Body Boarding

Boogie boards are great for small summer waves or water fun for everyone while at the beach.

Bodyboarding is a fun water sport that both kids and adults can enjoy at the beach. Surfers ride the board lying down (as opposed to surfing where you need to stand) making it easier to learn and enjoy.  It also gives your body better stability.

Before you head out for your first body board lesson, make sure you have the right board for your body type. They come in different sizes based on your height and weight. Having the right bodyboard will determine how fast you glide waves or how difficult the paddle out would be.

For assistance on renting Boogie Boards call (888-904-4088, ext. 1) or stop by the Waikiki Beach Activities stand, located near the Hau Tree Bar and the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. Check out our
Beach Equipment Rental Rates.
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