• How To Handle Your Surfboard

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How to Handle Your Surfboard

Surfing can be a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy your Hawaii vacation. Before you head out for your first surf lesson, remember that there are surf etiquette to be followed to avoid any unpleasantness among fellow surfers.

Among them is knowing how to handle your surfboard.

Not knowing how to control your surfboard can potentially cause damage to yourself and other people's surfboards. When you are paddling out to the break, hang on to your board. This is so that you don't injure anyone paddling behind you, and so you can get out the back where the good waves are breaking quicker.

Remember to have your surfboard leash on, especially in crowded environments.

Never drop in on another surfer's wave. If there is someone on the wave already do not just hop on the wave in front of them. Dropping in could result in damage to your surfboard or the other surfer's board.

Lastly, be sure to treat other surfers with respect. This goes a long way in enjoying your surfing experience and enables others to do the same.

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