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Ocean Etiquette: Respecting Hawaii's Marine Life

Whether you're out snorkeling or aboard an ocean charter, it's important to remember that you are sharing the ocean with it's native residents.

Here are some tips on how to help maintain Hawaii's marine life for future generations to come.

Don't Touch- Take lots of photos but don't touch. Don't attempt to ride, hug or pet Hawaii's marine wildlife. Be aware of your body and equipment so it doesn't touch any marine life or reef.

Don't Approach Hawaiian Sea Turtles - When snorkeling, do not approach turtles within 3 body length to avoid impeding their path to the surface for breathing.

Don't Feed - To protect marine life from ingesting harmful foods, do not feed any marine life you encounter. This helps protect the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Observe Hawaiian Monk Seals From A Safe Distance - Hawaiian monk seals are one of the most endangered seal species in the world. Observe them from at least 50 yards away to ensure that your presence does not disturb them. When in the ocean, monk seals may show inquisitive behavior but don't attempt to approach or “play” with them. They can move quicker than you think which can result in serious injury.

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