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Safety Reminders When Snorkeling Around Coral Reefs

Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy Hawaii's beautiful marine life. But just as you enjoy this great ocean view, it's also important to be safe, especially when snorkeling around coral reefs.

Don't Stand, Walk or Touch the Reef or Coral. Apart from damaging natural marine life, you may also encounter sea urchins that have sharp spines which could injure you if you step on them.

Don't Touch Sea Life - Avoid touching anything as it may be poisonous or dangerous to touch. Picking up cone shells may be deadly as they have stingers that can extend for several inches. Keep an eye out for jellyfish or Portuguese Man-O-War as their stings can be very painful as well.

Protect Exposed Skin - Protect your feet by wearing fins or dive booties if you're with a child. You can also protect your skin by wearing a rash guard or t-shirt which blocks the sun's rays and can prevent scrapes if you accidentally rub up against a reef. Don't forget to wear reef safe sunblock.

Check ocean conditions
. Before heading into the water, it's best to find out how the ocean conditions are for the day. Ask a lifeguard or check the water conditions online.

Take It Easy
- Swim slowly, relax and enjoy the experience. Taking it slow also enables you to preserve your energy so you don't tire out too easily and run out of breath.

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