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Snorkeling Safety Tips

Snorkeling is a great activity to experience while in Hawaii. To ensure that you have a great time in the water, here are some safety tips to remember.

Check ocean conditions. Before heading into the water, it's best to find out how the ocean conditions are for the day. Ask a lifeguard or check the water conditions online.

Familiarize yourself with Hawaii marine laws. It's best to keep your distance while enjoying the beauty of various sea life, particularly the Hawaiian Sea Turtles. Do not touch any plants or animals while snorkeling.

Don't stand, walk or touch the reef or coral. Apart from damaging natural marine life, you may also encounter sea urchins that have sharp spines which could injure you if you step on them.

Put on reef-safe sunscreen. You can get sunburned faster when in the water. Be sure to wear reef-safe sunscreen to help preserve marine life.

Know your limits. Be aware of your skills and limitations and don't take unnecessary risks when snorkeling. Consult an instructor and be sure to wear the right snorkeling gear.

Enjoy a snorkeling tour. One of the best ways to enjoy Hawaii's spectacular undersea beauty is via our full-service snorkel tours. Our Turtle Reef Snorkel & Sail tours provides a great view of sea life at play off the Waikiki coast.

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