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Top 10 Beach Gear to Bring on your Trip

Sunscreen - It goes without saying that putting on sunscreen when out in the sun is an essential part of skin safety. Use a thick layer to ensure effectiveness such as a full ounce. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you go out and re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Reusable Water Bottle - Staying hydrated is important while out in the sun. Refill before leaving your hotel or at nearest fountain and you're ready to go!

Sun Hat - To ensure total coverage, be sure to choose a hat that has a 3 to 4 inch brim. Baseball caps only provide partial protection and won't protect your neck and ears.

Sunglasses - Protect your eyes with UV-blocking sunglasses. Go with a pair of sunglasses that blocks 99 percent to 100 percent UVA and UVB radiation. 

Baby Powder - According to a few life hacking experts, baby powder is a great way to remove sand from in between your toes and other parts of the body. Once you've air dried a bit, apply baby powder to any area where there is sand. The powder absorbs excess moisture on the skin, thus making it easier to simply brush off the sand.

Beach Towel - Whether using it for laying down on the sand or drying off after a swim, a good beach towel is one of the main essentials when going to the beach. Beach towels are often available complimentary for hotel guests.

Extra Underwear - After a fun morning in the water, changing into a clean and dry underwear can make you feel much more comfortable as you head into lunch or your next fun activity.

Snacks - A small pack of trail mix or energy bar can go a long way after a fun few hours in the water. Be sure to hydrate often as well.

Sand Toys - If you have little ones with you, bringing along a few beach toys are agent way to help them enjoy the beach and build some really neat sand castles!

First Aid Kit - For emergency cuts and scrapes, having a small kit containing a few essentials including band-aides, anti-bacterial ointment, sunscreen, aloe gel and some pain relief medication. If you need immediate assistance, seek out the nearest lifeguard on duty.
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