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What to Know Before Going Snorkeling For the First time

Snorkeling is a great activity to experience while in Hawaii. The beauty of Hawaii's reefs and ocean life attracts many visitors to try snorkeling for the first time. Before you head out into the water, here are some tips for beginners.

Learn Snorkeling Basics - Signing up for a snorkeling class is a great way to get your feet wet, pun intended. Instructors should teach you not just basic skills but also the hazards when snorkeling. Don't get too eager, swim slowly so you don't exhaust yourself. Stay calm and relaxed as you get get tired and out of breath pretty quickly when you're not careful.

Understand Ocean Conditions - if you're interested in snorkeling, it's just as important to understand ocean currents, waves and surges. The ocean is a living thing and can be unruly if you don't pay attention.

Rent Quality Gear - it's easy to be tempted to rent the cheapest gear while on vacation but make sure that the equipment is safe and fits you well. Make sure you have the right sized mask and learn how fit it to prevent fogging. Spend a bit more and rent a dry snorkel or one with a splash guard to avoid having water flood through your snorkel. Also make sure your rent fins that fit you well and don't fall off when you need it most.

Practice With Your Gear - It's important to practice putting on your mask and learn to adjust your strap so that it is snug but not too tight. When you lightly inhale, your mask should suction to your face. Also practice getting used to how your snorkel feels in your mouth and learn how to adjust the angle and height.

Care For The Ocean - The ocean's beauty can only be kept that way if we take care of it. Remember to keep your distance while enjoying the beauty of various sea life, particularly the Hawaiian Sea Turtles. Do not touch any corals, plants or animals while snorkeling.

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