• What You Need To Know Before Starting Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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What You Need To Know Before Starting Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) combines the best of kayaking and surfing, offering you the option to cruise in calm lagoon waters or charge waves in the open ocean. Test your balance and work out your core while you enjoy your time in the water.

Before you start SUP, it's important to know that there are a few varieties of stand up paddle boards out there for multiple purposes (recreation, racing, surf, etc). Here are the most common:

•All around SUPs - These are the perfect choice for first time and beginners and are the most common paddle board shape and can work in all water conditions.

•Yoga SUPs - These are shaped for doing yoga or on flat water. It's constructed for stability on calmer waters and offers a lot of room for various yoga poses.

•Racing SUPs - Also called high-performance SUPs, these are design for flat water races or open ocean contests. It's extra length and width generates faster sprint speeds and long glides. It's great for more experienced racers and can be more challenging for beginners.

•Surfing SUPs - These are essentially oversized surfboards with a paddle and are a great option for intermediate to advanced paddlers. It's less stable so you can fall off easier but for experienced paddlers, it's easily maneuverable on waves.

•Touring SUPs - These are designed for paddlers who like high intensity workouts and long distances in flat water such as the open ocean or on bays and lakes. It's stable enough for beginner and offers maximum glide and efficiency.

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