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  • Miss Universe
    Miss Universe contestants gather in front of the WBA beach stand.

  • Miss Universe
    Miss Universe Contestants from around the world take a break in the super pool.

  • Boats
    WBA's two catamarans race each other into Port Hilton. The "Maui Waui" is in front and the "Elua" is right behind.

  • Beach Party
    WBA provides a backyard beach party for a group of 100 guests that are 30ish to 50ish. Including beach lounging, volleyball and croquet.

  • Large Beach Stand
    Wheel of Fortune studio built on beach in front of WBA beach stand, removed shortly after filming.

  • WBA Staff
    WBA staff and Beach Umbrell and Beach Chairs. T.R. delivers a beach lounge to a guest. The water is 80 degrees and the outside air is 82 degrees, sky is deep blue and clear. A perfect day to "hang loose."
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