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Safety Tips When Doing Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Stand up paddle boarding and yoga might at first seem like an odd combination. However, there are many reasons why people enjoy doing yoga on the water. SUP yoga can be a great way to experience nature and enhance your yoga practice.

Like a regular yoga, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga incorporates breath work, sun salutations, back bending, and even inversions if you're up to the challenge. It's a total body workout in which you unconsciously engage even more of your core in order to stabilize the board and stay in balance.
During your Hawaii vacation at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, enjoy the beauty of the lagoon and achieve a state of zen, with this unique total body workout.
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If you're just getting started, here are some safety tips to help you enjoy our Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Classes:

Move slowly. If you’ve done yoga on land but never on a SUP, start by moving through your poses slower than you normally would, about half the speed you would on land, and try to do slow, even breaths.

Find a calm, sheltered location. If you're doing SUP on your own, paddle to a place that’s relatively sheltered from wind and where you won't see a lot of high-speed boat traffic. For a calming session, come join our "floating studio"on our "water gym" right here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon.

Maintain a wide stance. For a more stable base while doing SUP yoga, use a wider stance that's roughly hip-width-distance apart.

Keep two points of contact with the board. Try poses that maintain at least two points of contact. Poses with only one point of contact, such as tree pose or eagle pose, are generally considered too difficult for SUP yoga. Also, poses that keep your body aligned perpendicular to the board will feel more stable than those that put you parallel to the board.

Gaze at the horizon. Keep your eyes on a fixed point on land for added stability to avoid losing balance.

Embrace the unexpected. Compared to doing yoga on land, SUP Yoga may bring about some unexpected experiences. Your board may drift in different directions or a sudden wave may lead you to get off balance and fall. As long as you are aware that these may happen and remain calm, you can enjoy the perfect workout for your body, mind and soul.
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