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Waikiki Beach Activities Named The Street Intersecting Ala Moana Blvd And Located At The Entrance To Waikiki, "Kahanamoku Street."

Waikiki Beach Activities named the street intersecting Ala Moana Blvd and located at the entrance to Waikiki, "Kahanamoku Street."

At a recent Hawaii Tourism Association forum it was stressed that stakeholders, (hotels) should promote "Hawaii's culture" by accentuating in their properties, a "sense of place."Hotels like Hilton often do this by using Hawaiian design features, Hawaiian landscaping and activities, like visitor hula lessons.

WBA accomplished this goal when we started the process of changing the name of the street that goes from Ala Moana Blvd to the Ala Wai Marina (between the Village and the Ikikai), from its previous name, Dewey Lane to the new name, Kahanamoku Street.

Here is the back story on how WBA was able to name Kahanamoku Street.

WBA started the process of changing the name at the DLNR hearing to build Hilton's Grand Waikikian Tower. WBA incorporated this change of name request in its testimony of support for Hilton's new tower, at that hearing.

Kahanamoku Street serves more than the Ala Wai Harbor it also serves Duke Kahanamoku Beach and Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon, it borders Duke's childhood home and it is at the entrance to Waikiki so all visitors must pass under this sign.Renaming this street to Kahanamoku Street, is a true "sense of place."

The name change process took WBA over three years to accomplish. The reason it tookthree years is because WBA had to secure approvals from everyone on this street.We had to get the city agencies to agree, and the state agencies too.Then we had to get the Post Office and the Ilikai Hoteland the Ilikai condo residents too.

Because Delta, Hilton's contractor did not believe we could change the name as soon as his roadwork was pau he put the Dewey Lane signs back up.A month later WBA talked him into taking the Dewey Lane signs down and to put up the Kahanamoku St. signs. WBA had to personally pay for the new Kahanamoku Street signs that you see today.

Our commitment to follow Duke's Creed of Aloha make the cost (time and money) worth it to WBA and its Ohana.After 3 long years, January 2006 to August 2009, WBA finally renamed Dewey Lane to Kahanamoku Street.

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  • Waikiki Beach Activities Named The Street Intersecting Ala Moana Blvd And Located At The Entrance To Waikiki, "Kahanamoku Street."

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