• Waikiki Beach Activities Recognition Of Its COVID-19 Vaccinated Team Members In Keeping With Duke's Creed Of Aloha

Waikiki Beach Activities Recognition Of Its Vaccinated Team Members In Keep

Waikiki Beach Activities Recognition Of Its Vaccinated Team Members In Keeping With Duke's Creed Of Aloha

Waikiki Beach Activities, guest-service "Ohana members," are being recognized for their continued efforts toward guest safety.The most current example is their getting vaccinated against the Covid 19 virus, thus they will spread only Aloha.

Waikiki Beach Activities was created at the Hilton Hawaiian Village over 30 years ago. From day one, WBA and its hui of guest service providers including, surf Instructors, beach attendants, catamaran crews and administration have been inspired and guided by Hawai'i's Ambassador of Aloha, Duke Kahanamoku. The Duke wrote and left this Legacy….. "In Hawaii we greet friends, loved ones and strangers with Aloha, which means with love."Every day our Ohana walks in his footsteps as the Duke was raised and surfed in Kalia now known as the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Beach Resort.

To recognize our vaccinated Ohana members, we are giving each vaccinated individual an historic "Duke Kahanamoku Postage Stamp" that was issued on Duke's Birthday, on August 24, 2002, at the event we named, "The Duke Kahanamoku Beach Challenge."

On this day, the United States Postal Service dedicated a First-Class Mail Postage Stamp to immortalize the Duke.The historic Postage Stamp has his image and his name on it.I have attached a copy of one of the stamps that was issued on August 24, 2002. (Side note:This week a 19th Century Postage Stamp Sold for Record $9.5 Million)

Also there isa copy of the News Release that was sent out to the media on August 7, 2002. (Click here to view press release)This press release provides the details of this historic day. Although WBA managed the event that was conducted on Duke's Beach, the Waikiki Beach Boys, Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundations and many others joined in this historic event.

Mounted on the wall in WBA's office since its beginning, 30 years ago in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, is the Koa Paddle with the Duke's Creed of Aloha engraved on it. All WBA's Ohana members see this reminder of their host duties and pledge to our guests to follow his Creed of Aloha.


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